Dr Serge Manes, Implantology / computer-guided implant surgery
Dr Serge Manes, Implantology / computer-guided implant surgeryDoctor-Dentist

Implantology, periodontology
and general dentistry

Implantology / computer-guided implant surgery

Dr Serge MANES

Computer-assisted implantology is a new discipline combining the possibilities of computer science and that of dental restoration implant surgery.

The goal is the 3D planning of the treatment plan as well as guided surgery during the placement of dental implants.


  • Continuing Education in Periodontology and Implantology (Formation continue en parodontologie et implantologie) Department of Periodontology and Oral Surgery, University of Liège, 2017-2020.
  • Master Course “Vertical and horizontal bone augmentation” by Dr. Istvan Urban, Budapest, 2019.
  • Training PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin and Soft Tissue Wound Healing) by Dr. Joseph Choukroun, Nice. 2018
  • Dental training “Possible uses of the piezosurgery in dental surgery” by Prof. Dr. Dr. K. A. A. Götz (Cologne) 2018.
  • Master Course in “GBR and Sinus Floor Elevation” by le Prof D. Buser (Zahnmedizinische Klinik Universität Bern) 2018.
  • Master Class “Muco-gingival surgery” by the Prof. Eric Rompen (CHU Liège) 2017-2018.
  • Dental training “Sinus lift-reloaded 3D” University Clinic Freiburg with Prof.Dr.Dr. Rainer Schmelzeisen and Dr.Dr. Fabian Duttenhoefer, 2017.
  • SAPO Implant, Paris, 2017.
  • Course “Bone grafts and sinus lift” Université Paris V, 2017.
  • Training “All on Four” with the Dr. Joao Borges (Paris) 2016.
  • Certification CBCT (Conebeam Certification) Belgium, 2016.
  • Course “Three-dimensional (3D) imaging and computer-guided dentomaxillofacial treatments” with Dr. Bart Vandenberghe, DDS, MSc, Phd, (Brussels) 2016.
  • Course in implant surgery (theoretical and practical) with Prof Marc Hermans from 2015 to 2016 (Brussels)
  • Occlusodontics and periodontology course by Dr. Hugues Aubert from 1991 to 1992, Bordeaux.