Dr Isabelle Holtz - Orthodontics and aesthetics
Dr Isabelle Holtz - Orthodontics and aestheticsDoctor-Dentist

General dentistry, orthodontics
and aesthetic

Dr Isabelle Holtz


Orthodontics is a dental specialty intended to correct tooth and jaw malposition. There are
  • removable orthodontics: bracing that can be removed
  • Fixed orthodontics: bracing glued to the teeth that can be transparent or metal, glued to or behind the tooth.

Prosthesis on implants

There are several types of prostheses on implants:
  • Zircon ceramic bridge fixed with screws
  • Resin prosthesis fixed with screws
  • resin prosthesis fixed with snaps or jumpers.

Cosmetic dentistry

Improved smile can take various forms:
Whitening, change of filling, veneers, crowns, orthodontics.